We create smart cards and solutions that deliver the freedom for communication, banking, shopping, traveling and working anytime and anywhere.

CIPTA has over ten years of experiences as a leading company in the innovation and the technology of smart card industry. The company was established as the name of PT Cipta Srigati Lestari (CSL) starting from packaging, printing and manufacturing. Then, expanding to the smart card platform and technology engine. We develop Java-based COS and has provided such smart card total solutions as smart card platform, smart card management system, Secure Access Module (SAM) and Near Field Communication (NFC).

In 2014, CSL changed and re-branded a new name, which is called CIPTA. Reflecting its vision to be The Strongest Smart Card and Solutions Company with the integrated technology and the solution that developed, we also make it more trusted and secured by the only company in Indonesia that has the top leader GSM Alliance certified: SAS (Security Accreditation Scheme) & Master Card and CIPTA has the region in Middle East & Africa.

As the technology rapidly changes and evolves, we are committed to make more complex, more challenging and with more than 1000+ skillful employees to make new innovations. We will certainly cope those challenges by believing to our core INSPIRE such as Innovative, Strive for excellence, People oriented, Improvement, Reliability and Empowerment. We are more than ready to be the strongest smart card and solutions company.