Manufacturing Facilities

We provide supports in every step to give you satisfactions.

We know that technology evolves in many transactions, but lately the use of cash as payment is no longer needed, so CIPTA offers the latest technology to get payment from card because CIPTA’s core business is to produce smart card for telecommunication, banking, retail and also in government.

We provide supports in every step of the way for our costumers as valued clients and partners in innovative products. We ensure the highest level of the commitment and the expertise to achieve new heights in the innovation and the value for our costumers.

Card Production

Prepress: This term used in the printing and publishing industries for the processes and procedures that occur between the creation of print layout and final printing.

Sheet Printing: Before card producing, the front and back side layers have to be printed with specific layout.

Sheet Collating: This step means collating and alignment of different sheet layers for laminated cards.

Sheet Laminating: After the correct alignment and prefixing of the single sheet layers, they have to be laminated to get a stable card body.

Card Punching: At this process, a single card is punched out of the laminated sheets.


Smart Card and Personalization Production

Combined Milling Implanting: This central process in the smart card production chain. Chip modules are punched out of the tape, placed, and fixed in the cavity of card.

Plug Punching: Used to pre-punch the SIM-plug

Personalization: This step will make each card into a distinctive, an individual item which cannot be forgotten. The use of the most up-to-date production technology supports every type of optical personalization.

Fulfillment: A variety of fully secure solutions, ranging from simple packages and card carriers are to more sophisticated packs designed to convey a high-end image of your product.

Delivery: After your smart card produced and packaged with your special packaging, we are ready to deliver the smart card into your place.