Assure your payment in convenient way. 

As a company that focuses on smart card business in this time, we are following the banking migration process ATM card / Debit National (NSICCS). With this NSICCS applet development experience, makes us as competence company to develop other banking smart card applications such as: Application Cobranding Bank and the University, Loyalty Applications, Application Private Label Credit Card and others. With our world-class production, has been certified by MasterCard and VISA.

Service and Solution

  • Platform, Os, and Application

Our comprehensive range of payment products and solutions comprise high-end products based on the latest EMV, contactless and dual interface technologies. Our smart debit and credit products are available on a wide range of platforms and based on secure and highly flexible operating systems.

  • System and service

CIPTA Banking System Commerce, offering all-in payment and loyalty solutions are key elements of our systems environment, which provides our customers with secures online banking. CIPTA Service Online Portal gives our customers immediate access to the personalization environment of CIPTA. Within the portal, several tools help to simplify and optimize certain processes.

  • Personalization system

CIPTA offers personalization service comprises a various software and hardware components, which span all way card production through consulting, personalization, and delivery. We call it as one-stop solutions services.

  • Application

CIPTA provides wide range of applications for each type of platform including: multi-application for payment card programs, transport, loyalty, PKI, Private Label, applets for NFC secure elements, Smart Authentication application for SIM and micro-SD cards, data storage, user interface applications for mobile phones, and other tailored applications based upon customers request.

Our Offering

CIPTA offers the most complete range of products, in contact or dual interface versions, NFC systems, along with 2 different platforms with various memory sizes and with the latest scheme specifications.

We also offer personalization and production services comprising various software and hardware components. These comprehensive solutions span all the way from card production, through personalization and delivery, to consult and integration in existing system landscapes.

As cards are key elements of issuers brand image, we propose a great variety of material, design, and finishing as well as various form factors and physical features to enable banks and retailers, to launch unique and impacting card products which are to represent their brand personalities.